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What happens if Deposit Planet folds?

In the unlikely event of Deposit Planet folding, your money will be fully protected in two ways:

- Money kept in your Deposit Planet account is not invested in term deposits. This money is kept separate from our money and we do not have access to it. As a result, it will immediately be returned to our savers.

- You are the legal owner of money invested in your term deposits. Deposit Planet folding has no impact on this money. The banks in which you have term deposits will be instructed by Deposit Planet to send all money owed to you, when your term deposits mature, directly to your bank account. All particular data that relates to term deposits is also available to you on your account.

What risks are involved in term deposits?

Investing in a term deposit usually involves limited risk because deposit products are secured against the folding of a credit institution by national deposit guarantee schemes.

Will my investment be at risk from currency fluctuations?

Definitely not. Our mission is to become an oasis for anyone who wants to receive predictable returns without unpredictable risk

What is a national deposit guarantee scheme?

Deposit insurance is a measure implemented in many countries to protect bank depositors from losses caused by a bank's inability to pay its debts when due.

Are all the banks secure?

We work with banks thich have a long history on the local market, employ a significant number of people, have a strong capital base and stable future prospects.

What happens if a bank folds?

Learn how we try to avoid such events and how we help you if they do happen.

What does the credit rating mean?

Learn how the information about credit rating can help you to decide where to securely placed your money.