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How can I transfer funds to Deposit Planet?

You can transfer money to your Deposit Planet account by bank transfer (SEPA), by a debit or credit card or by using a money transfer service provider.

We recommend using either a debit or credit card or a money transfer service provider. These methods typically take no more than 15 minutes for the money to appear on your account. Whereas a typical bank transfer can take up to two working days.

Transfer funds by a debit or credit card

Transferring funds via a debit or credit card issued in the European Economic Area (EEA) is completely free. If you top up with a debit or credit card that was not issued within the EEA, we may charge you a small fee to cover our costs. In this case, it might be cheaper for you to top up by bank transfer.

Transfer funds by bank transfer

We do not charge a fee if you transfer funds to your account by bank transfer. However, you may incur third-party fees such as an international transfer fee if the transfer is via SWIFT, or a currency conversion fee if you will use a currency that is not a supported investment currency. You will find a complete list of supported investment currencies in our app.

How can I add a new bank account to my Deposit Planet account?

The most convenient and cost effective way to add a bank account to which you withdraw money from your Deposit Planet account is to transfer at least 1 euro cent from the new bank account to your Deposit Planet account.

Can I make a bank transfer from an account that is not in my name?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Due to KYC/AML rules we can only accept bank transfers from an account that is in your name.