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Deposit Planet story

By Marcin Pasenik
Deposit Planet story

The Deposit Planet story began in 2018 when Marcin and Lukasz, friends and business partners, wanted to find the best place for their hard-earned savings.

Like everyone else they wanted maximum returns with minimum risk. They choose term deposit accounts as this is the safest and most popular way to earn interest on your savings. But finding the best home for their hard-earned savings proved much more difficult than they thought.

Big problem

They discovered that the majority of high-rate term deposit accounts come with restrictions – a lot of restrictions. Restrictions such as:

  • the need to open and maintain a current account,
  • take a credit or debit card,
  • the length of time you can earn the higher rate of interest,
  • or even the amount that can be invested.

They did find deposit accounts without these restrictions, but they offered very low, or even 0%, interest.

Another aspect was that, it was totally manual work to chase the highest interest rates, to move money from one bank to another, to review term deposit conditions in details, to spread savings between accounts to maximise the return and finally to manage all this thinks together.


To put it in a nutshell Marcin and Lukasz found that trying to earn a high-rate of interest from term deposits offered by local banks was time consuming, complicated, didn’t guarantee a high rate of return and was . . . restrictive.

As a result, they turned their attention to foreign term deposit accounts. They discovered that these came without the restrictions of the local banks they had looked at, had a similar level of savings security in the shape of national deposit guarantee schemes and offered much higher interest rates.

Marcin and Lukasz understand that every bank needs customers, and their money, to conduct basic lending operations. They also know that most banks don’t possess the appropriate technology nor do they have the appropriate procedures in place that allows them to tap into the foreign retail customer market. As a result, they miss out on this valuable source of capital and are restricted, that word again, to competing on their local market. They also know, as you do, that foreign customers looking for a high rate of interest on their savings have a frustrating time.


This situation got our dynamic duo thinking. They realised that they couldn’t be the only people with the problem of finding a foreign bank with high interest to put their money in. There must be thousands of other people like them, and you, who need help.


The result of their thinking is Deposit Planet. A simple, commission-free mobile app which allows every person to find a high interest home for their hard-earned savings.

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