We believe that new technologies make life easier and better for everyone

We believe that new technologies make life easier and better for everyone

Open overseas term deposits

The Deposit Planet story began in 2018 when Marcin and Lukasz, friends and business partners, wanted to find the best place for their hard-earned savings.

Like everyone else they wanted maximum returns with minimum risk. They choose term deposit accounts as this is the safest and most popular way to earn interest on your savings. But finding the best home for their hard-earned savings proved much more difficult than they thought.

Such the Deposit Planet was borned. A simple and commission-free mobile app which allows every person to find a high interest home for their hard-earned savings.

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Deposit Planet

A place where the best banks can work with international retail customers for the greater good. Everybody on their own terms.

As a bank you can...

  • Access stable and long-term retail deposit funding.
  • Reduce funding cost - Deposit Planet is completely free for banks.
  • Gain international customers - spending zero on marketing.
  • Avoid integration costs.
  • Significantly improve your Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) and Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR).

As a customer you can...

  • Earn significantly higher interest rates on your savings.
  • Gain easy access to the biggest banks around the globe.
  • Be protected by multiple national deposit guarantee schemes.
  • Avoid negative currency exchange rate movements.
  • Spread your savings across different banks, countries and continent using one app.
  • Opening term deposits in foreign banks in a few clicks.
  • Close term deposits and withdraw money at any time.