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Great profits

You deserve the highest profits

With us you can open a term deposit in banks from many foreign markets and earn the most attractive interest rates across the globe.

Forget about investing on the stock market for speculative profits. Instead focus on high and predictable returns.

Make your money work harder

You can earn up to 558 EUR/GBP/USD extra every year for a 10 000 EUR/GBP/USD deposit. With us, you get much more for your money.

Make your money work harder

The biggest banks working for you

Saving with well-known companies is a good idea. But saving with the largest and the most trusted banks is even smarter and guarantees maximum security for your money.

From their home market you can carefully select from the biggest and most well-known banks. It only takes a few clicks to choose the bank which suits you the best.

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Deposit protection

Be protected like never before

Your hard-earned savings should not be exposed to risk. That's why on many foreign markets guarantee deposit schemes are common practice.

Thanks to us you will be able to open term deposits that will be protected by national deposit guarantee schemes.

Sit down, relax and enjoy the level of security you dream off.

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Forget about currency risk

Savings kept in foreign currencies are continually exposed to the negative effects of currency fluctuation. It's not funny when you are constantly worrying about your high value savings losing their value.

That is why all our foreign term deposits are offered in EUR, USD, GBP and PLN.

Simple, fair and like you want.

No currency risk

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First 1000 users will receive $500 on try us and start earning up to 6% on term deposits.

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Diversify portfolio

Diversified portfolio

Everyone knows that diversification is the key to success. Especially when you invest abroad for greater returns but want to have your savings held securely.

With us you can distribute your savings across different banks, countries and continents in the blink of an eye. You can obtain maximum returns and security for all your savings.

Flexiblity and accessibility

Opening new term deposits

Changing term deposits is as easy as changing your gloves. Simply pick your favourite one and get it in a few clicks. Hassle-free. Paperless. Directly from your phone.


Life can be surprising, so you should always have easy access to your funds. With us you can close your term deposits at any time.

Flexiblity and accessibility